Spray-Lining of Hawaii

Welcome to Spray-Lining of Hawaii

Spray-Lining of Hawaii uses spray lining that protects equipment and garage floor coatings.

We serve all of Honolulu, Hawaii. If you need trailers, garage floors, truck beds, ponds, or virtually any other surface coated, we are the place to call!  We serve Hawaii, Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe.

Call 855-527-7506

We sell used and new equipment of HVLP, high/low pressure systems! Long Term leases available.

We also provide the best solution to stick-on paint bras. Our clear spray-on bras far surpass the quality of automotive protective bras such as ClearMask, ClearShield, and 3M Paint Protective Film. Our product is more durable, cheaper, and covered under our lifetime warranty!

Be wary of other dealership offer scams! From Ultimate Linings scams to Rhino scams, no company is too big or too small. Many customers we deal with have complaints of being victims to a scam (someone pretending to represent a company they really don't). Don't be fooled or settle for any alternatives. Spray-lining scams explained! Our prices are lower and our material is better - no scam needed.

Email Us At info@spray-lininghawaii.com


Call 1-855-545-4900 to speak directly with Spray-Lining Manufacturer


Polyurea - $24/gallon
Polyurea Hybrid - $25/gal
Polyaspartic - $53/gal
Aliphatic Polyurethane - $27/gal
Epoxy - $23/gal
Epoxy Hybrid - $26/gal